France Registration / Fees

For registration, students enrolled in private or group lessons must pay 120 € per year for administrative and management costs.

If you are looking for private lessons, Allegria offers a wide range of instruments such as the piano, violin, guitar and other instruments. We also offer group lessons tailored to the level and to the age of students such as musical awakening, the solfège and groups of instrumentalists. Finally Allegria offers high level lessons such as chamber music, master classes, the music baccalaureate preparation, and international exams preparation. Allegria also offers singing lessons.

For all new students, the first lesson is charged 50 €. During this first lesson, the teacher assesses the level of the student through a placement test and then determines the needs of the student in order to elaborate a customized strategy. After this first lesson, the student will be asked to confirm his/her registration by filling the required form and paying the annual fee of 120 € to cover administrative and management costs.

Click on the links below to download the documents:

Document PDFFiche d’inscription 2019-2020 aux cours particuliers
Document PDFFiche d’inscription 2019-2020 aux cours collectifs
Document PDFFormulaire de Mandat de prélèvement

Document PDFCalendrier des cours collectifs 2018-2019 – Neuilly