Group lessons

Allegria provides group lessons tailored to the age and to the level of the student, classical, Jazz and variety, from beginners to advanced.

Group lessons for children and adults allow students to get tired less quickly, the emulation stimulates their desire to work and the interest of others increases its own interest and develop critical thinking. A group dynamic and a careful listening of the other in order to play together.

The course is more attractive, exciting and alive.

The musical awakening

For the little ones, starting from two years old, before their admission to the elementary school, they will learn through reading and earing how to recognize treble and bass sounds. They will practice games around music. The children will discover the instruments and practice them. They will be initiated to juvenil songs and foreign languages.

Instruments nest

Each child from the age of four will experiment the main instruments and be initiated to note singing and reading, rhymes and poetry, games around music.

Instrumentalists groups

  • Groups of pianists: The originality of the Allegria School, which has at its disposal several pianos including Steinway pianos, is to provide collective piano lessons for two, three or four students. Discover the piano and its history. Two, four or six hands directory. concertos with many students. We only use Steinway & Sons or Yamaha grand pianos for our lessons.

  • Violin groups or pianos and violins