Other activities

Network of of specialized artistic teachings, the FFEM gathers, to date, more than 1200 academies of music, dance, theater and plastic arts, that is approximately 21000 professors and 410000 pupils, stemming from France and from 5 French-speaking countries.

Created in 1973, the FFEM, the association law 1901, aims to:

  • To promote the teaching and the practice of music, dance and theater,
  • To federate the persons in charge of establishments in order to revitalize the exchanges and harmonize the educational programs,
  • To make sensitive the partners and the institutions in the fundamental value of the artistic practice.

By becoming member of the FFEM, music schools can reach immediately a unique network of specialized artistic teachings and in program educational adapted to its needs. This network bases on an access privileged to the national list of the works proposed in the exams of conservatoires, and in the texts of music group.

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Thanks to its educational wealth, Allegria opens gateways towards other types of art in Paris and internationally.

Our school has a partnership with the FFEM and offers courses in Paris but also in Vienna, Luxembourg and other European countries.

Workshops and courses

Several workshops and courses are organized during school holidays.
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Cultural activities

Cultural activities, concerts are regularly offered to students and parents. Allegria also organizes conferences-concerts.
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Specific requests

For all other inquiries such as internships, concerts, courses, company events and associations…, please ask us!