Share a musical education of excellence, classical, jazz, variety.
Through sensitivity, intelligence and kindness, Allegria allows its students of all ages to identify their talents and exercise them with confidence.
Music is demanding and requires work and discipline. A program that might repulse even a passionate … not with Pascale Tachot who knows the way to motivate students to find pleasure in effort and accomplishment!
The recipe? The Pygmalion effect! Pascale sincerely believes in her students. She helps them overcome their fears and discard any obstacles which would prevent them to progress harmoniously.

Allegria teachers do not apply a standard method. They favor dialogue and listening to every students. The teacher proposes, advises, suggests, adapts and monitors, without giving up on fundamentals.

Students, feeling confident, give teachers the opportunity to observe and influence their taste. The approach allows the “moi réel” to meet the “moi idéal”. Thanks to the richness and rigor that involves classical music learning, each student is able to discover other types of music such as pop and jazz.

The pedagogy is made of sustained attention and discrete advices of the professor during the courses.

To enable everyone to measure their progress, an evaluation is carried out during the last course of each quarter.