Private lessons

They are aimed at students of all levels and all ages. They are customized according to tastes and abilities. The professor may be required to accompany the student by being himself the runner.


The program is chosen by the student and the teacher. The lesson begins with the technique, a work of Bach, a piece chosen by the student for a hearing or an exam. At the end of the year, the directory of all the year is played with a song of the past year.

We only use Steinway & Sons or Yamaha grand pianos for our lessons.


The lesson starts with warming the body, relaxation through yoga and breathing work. The student is gradually training with the instrument, corrects positions and work at the sound quality and at the interpretation. After the technical exercises, the student addresses the two pieces being studied. The program is determined by the student and his teacher, reviewed and improved during the year. A work of deciphering is regularly requested.

Other instruments

The school organizes courses according to demand.

Singing - vocal technique

Through a practice adapted to the age of the student or the temper of his voice, the objective of this class is to place the voice, to develop its strength and range, to advantage its tone and to give plenitude and regularity to the breath soundness. The self-knowledge and self-control which result, will give to the student more freedom and aptitude in self-expression and in the execution of the works.

This course is organized for groups of 2 adults or 3 children maximum. It can be organized as an individual course as well.