“Music speaks to the soul and heart, and Pascale Tachot knows how to get to one’s heart. Curious to her students, she never fails to encourage them in their academic, professional and personal challenges. A book here, a movie there, an article that echoes, and that opens new paths, new horizons to explore for her students. She is always here to encourage her students to fulfill their dreams. “
Nicole – Professional Coach

“Pascale is not only listening to music, but also to his pupil whom she considers as a whole and not just as a person wishing to learn to play an instrument. “
Pamela, 25 years old

“She does not perceive her students as apprentices musicians to whom she teaches a technique, she identifies their full potential and encourages them to develop it. “
Claire, 58

“A true mentor, she accompanies each student at the highest level of his abilities and ambitions. It opens doors on bold horizons where her students dare to venture with her support.
Show me how you play and I’ll tell you who you are. You cannot cheat with music. “

“My 4 year old son followed a group course with Akemi for his first year of musical awakening. Akemi demonstrated extreme patience with the children, her personalized approach was adapted to the level and needs of each student.
During this year my child was able to learn the rhythm, sing in tune, and open his heart to music.
We could discover what children had learned during small musical performances for parents”.

“Pascale knows how to find the right tone to transmit a classical music tradition which she makes very lively to young people. “
Julien, 31

“Music is not just a hobby, it’s also another way of understanding life and an important complement to our daily balance.”
Arnaud, 40

“The practice of an instrument is a means of expression of our sensitivity. This sensitivity is a reflection of our inner world, the only thing on which we cannot lie. It allows us to discover ourselves. “
Sacha, 23

“Akemi teaches singing to our two children and she can adapt to their specific wishes: singing in a choir for one, singing and accompanying on the piano for the other. Her artistic, human and technical qualities allow both children to grow vocally, develop their musical ear and sense of rhythm, always keeping it fun and interesting. Her pedagogy full of rigor, listening and encouragement, motivates and opens horizons that go beyond the singing class. It is a real self-knowledge and life experience.”
Pascale and Bruno

“Pascale not only transmits the inheritance she has received from her teachers, she gives her all and it’s a lot.”
Mirabelle, 35