The originality of Allegria

Allegria School of Music is unique

Allegria School of Music is unique. It proposes to the students a personalized approach and each course is adapted to the capacities and personality of each one. Allegria helps its students discover or improve their musical potential, leading each one discover how to make use of it in its “best way”. Beyond the instrumental practice, Allegria permits complete self realization through music and body awareness.
Allegria offers Music and singing courses, individually or in small group, for adults and children. Allegria offers classes to all kind of students from beginners to professionals. For those who aim professional music career Allegria offers specific support.
Allegria is also a music laboratory for young children from 2 y/o. The music initiation and discovery of all types of musical instruments permits self-fulfillment, brings happiness and facilitates good integration in school life.

The teaching team is composed of professional musicians renown in their field. Their approach allow beginners to quickly progress with their instruments and students with a higher level to dominate both theory and practice. The music education is mainly classic, jazz or variety.

Allegria is run by its founder Pascale Tachot.

Develop one’s musical sensibility

Transmit the color of a sound, express an inner voice, share feelings or emotions of a melody require an important mental, intellectual and emotional investment.

Allegria, depending on the artistic sense, level, body and mental abilities of each student offers the best approach to improvement and lead access to the best mode of expression, structured but also fulfilling. The goal is to develop musical sensitivity through one’s skills.

The practice of an instrument, far from being seen as an end in itself, may become a mean for the expression of an life plan which is very personal to the student

Progress through music in well-being of body and mind

Allegria focuses on both spirit and body. It is through relaxation and body language that pops the soul of the performer.

Body awareness and sport practices are, according to Allegria, an important asset to achieve better control of one’s abilities and development of potential. It helps feel music at top level.